Oil and acrylic paintings
Artworks created during Artist Residencies

Ben Beeton – Australian Artist

My art is inspired by the natural environment and its evolutionary history. I fuse traditional and digital mediums to produce oil and acrylic paintings and digital fine art about the natural environment. I am fascinated by the ancient past and how it determines the present environment. I divide my time between my studio painting acrylic and oil paintings and traveling through remote Australian environments. These trips inspire my digital fine art and drawings and background my oil and acrylic paintings. To develop a deeper understanding I seek out and work with scientists the result is digital fine art. I artists have played a strong role in creating the mythology that attaches indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to the land. In my work I seek a deeper appreciation of Australia's natural history in order to inform my acrylic and oil paintings together with digital fine art and drawings. An inspiration reflected in my work is that all elements of landscape are comprised of ‘star dust’, the element that are neither born or die, but merely change form in endless recombination’s.

  • All water colour, oils and acrylic paintings are single works or works in a series. They are original and unique.
  • All paintings are signed and dated.
  • All oils and acrylic paintings are shipped by arrangement with the purchaser.
  • All limited edition works are numbered in editions. Each size/medium (type of canvas or paper) is a separate edition.


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